A woman fuelled on coffee, clothes and crisps...



I don't know why I put one of these on my blog. Whilst I could write for England, I could never write about myself. 

I toyed with a number of ways to present this information and decided to do what I do best and just ramble on until it gets boring, so here goes. 

My real name is Sheradan, but it's Sherry for short. Or if I'm in Starbucks, Sherrie, Cherie, Gary, Geraldine. Thanks for that one. 

In a whole 27 years old yet feel about 87 some days when I wake up - when did I become so washed? 

I work full-time, like an actual job, in Marketing in the financial sector - yes, it's as exhilarating as it sounds. I joke, I genuinely love my job and the company I work for. 

I'm addicted to pizza. No, seriously, they need to make a PAA - pizza addicts anonymous. 

Saying that, they also need a SAA - shopping addicts anonymous...

I started writing a blog in February 2015, I tried Blogger, Wordpress, Yola, Wix before I finally settled and here I am. Almost four years in and I've rekindled my love for writing once again. 

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