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2018 | Thank u, next.

I'm gonna go as far as saying this has been, without a doubt, the best year of my life. It hasn't come without some low points but you come to realise as every year passes by that nothing is ever perfect. The highs far outweigh them anyway and all have a positive spin - leaving only excitement for what's to come in 2019.

I've toyed with ideas on how to format this post and I guess I want to be traditional about it and highlight some of my biggest achievements or happiest moments, so here goes...


We all do it in January don't we; diet and exercise. I was struggling to get into classes I'd been going to all year at the gym when January rolled round and took it upon myself to find alternative ways to stay motivated. Well, who's more motivating that Mr. Motivator himself, eh?

Whilst performing many a move that wouldn't be allowed on TV anymore, I had such fun at the class and it really geared me up to keep going throughout the year.


We had a lot of snow in February so I ended up being a bit of a hermit due to train restrictions and well, the cold. On a dryer day though, I managed to get out and into Derby to help my friend and MUA, Emma (@emmua16), with one of her college assignments. Cue my inner Kylie Jenner as I teamed sports shorts and Louboutins for the evening as she glued pearls to my calves.

I also celebrated 3 years of Sherry Scribbles with both work and play. I had the honour of working with Karen Millen on their #BeMoreKaren campaign and ate five courses of fine food at Celeste at The Lanesborough.


Oh my goodness, March seems miles away now. It was a busy and very expensive month. The month before 'the big day' where everyone needs paying and prepping!

I got to 'relax' with my girls on my hen weekend though - despite having the flu. No, the actual flu - I think I recall Emma's first words to me that weekend as 'Wow, you look like s**t'. Add a few cocktails in Manchester into the mix and I was fine. I had the best send off and couldn't get over the fact it was hen do time already.


Now, in this day in age, you don'y just have one hen do - you have at least two and I got to enjoy another night out with a whole heap of bubbles and belly laughs with my family, present and future combined.

Then of course - the best day of my life. The day I said I do and became the Mrs to my Mr, the wife to the love of my life and making my best friend a my husband. #BESTDAYEVER


May was mostly spent in America and it was amazing. For our honeymoon we travelled to New York, Chicago and Miami and I loved every second. I can't really pick my favourite because they were all so different and special in their own way - the pizzas in Chicago though would mean I'd travel back there in a heartbeat over the other two.


My birth month and despite everyone thinking I'm a year older than I am, I turned 27 and wrote a list of things I'd like to do in the next 3 years... I think they are all doable!

This was the month I also signed up to something which, at the time, seemed crazy and so far out of my comfort zone - more on that later.


I got to feel fancy in my finery with my husband at a gala dinner in Preston despite my dress being a quick next day delivery option I found online for £20 - I felt amazing - certainly reaping in the benefits of all that running anyway!


I met Levi Roots in August when I attended a food festival with my friend Laura (@fromwifetolife) and then went on to tackle Ben Nevis over bank holiday weekend with Ben. The things we do for fun needs re-evaluating I think next year!

We got to relax after our trek at The Gleddoch in Glasgow though and all was good with the world (and my legs) again.


I made a cheesecake. This needs shouting about because it was amazing and yes, I do say so myself.

Also, that thing I signed up to in June, it came round quicker than I though and happened in September. Before I get to it though, I suffered an injury two weeks before d-day which ended up with a trip to A&E and 10 days of zero running whilst my nerve endings healed following a dog bite.

I went on to run the IKANO Robin Hood Half Marathon - my first ever one - and hit 13.1 miles in 1hr 53mins 04secs running 13.44 miles in 1hr 57mins 03secs overall. WOW. I bloody did it. Neglecting here the fact that I used to hate running - actual pure hate - but I pulled it out the bag and felt so overwhelmed afterwards. I even raised just under £1000 for local Nottingham charity, The Children's Bereavement Centre.


I met a few celebs in October - attended a dinner with Beverly Knight sat on the table opposite who performed and was every bit as amazing as she was in the 90s.

Went for food at Rosso in Manchester and who walks in but none other than Will.I.Am - no biggie. Also wandering around was Dele Alli - again - no biggie.

Then I ended up on the actual stage with Gok Wan at one of his tour shows in Nottingham!


I ticked another thing off my list and went to see a theatre production of Dirty Dancing in Birmingham with Heather. Having never seen the film, I was smitten with the play and totally get the hype!

I also attended a medieval banquet with Robin Hood and Little John with my friend Becky where we drank mead, ate pheasant and laughed at Shambolics the jester.


My little feline turned 4 - I can't quite get over how much I bloody love my cat (yep, crazy cat lady here) but man, life would be so weird without him in it.

Loren and I took a road trip to Manchester to meet Victoria McGrath (@inthefrow) and she was every bit as lovely as I knew she would be. Her and Harrison are both adorable and they're going to go on to do even greater things - also, I'm way more excited than I should be about their wedding next year!

Ben and I had the honour of witnessed the marriage of our good friends Dan and Chloe at the official ceremony AND the un-official ceremony 3 days later. Thank you so much.

I bossed a suit at the work christmas party and honestly felt incredible. Women can wear suits!

And to top the year off, Ben and I headed to Bruges for a festive weekend break before Christmas.

The last couple of weeks have been spent with family and friends, filling our little space with love and laughter and looking forward to what's next for the Cheetham's.

Tonight, we'll be going to see some fireworks. NYE is important to me, I'm very superstitious about it and as silly as it may sound/read - I know when I see, hear and feel though loud glimmers of light in the sky, my 2019 dreams will become a reality.

Here's to an incredible year and thank you for everything, everyone, every moment has been a blessing. I wish everyone a very happy new year and all the joy, love and luck for 2019.


Sherry xo

"The beginning is the most important part of the work"


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