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2019 | New Year Resolutions


a firm decision to do or not to do something.

the quality of being determined of resolute.

I've never been any good at sticking to the 'resolutions' I make - probably because they are not very realistic or not worthy - and by that I mean nothing bad will happen if I eff it up.

I've had a think and finally come to some resolutions that I believe (fingers crossed) I can and will stick to this year.

Spend Less, Save More

I spend way too much money and quite honestly, I can't recall where it all goes in the end. Those daily coffees add up, as does buying lunch in town every single day. The jacket 'I just had to have' when I already have 5 that I bought that still haven't seen the light of day yet... I need to cut down on my spending - especially on unnecessary items and where expenditure can be avoided.

Small things like taking my own coffee to work in the morning will save me £2.30 a day MINIMUM! It hasn't come without a capital cost though - I have bought myself a snazzy reusable cup to do this but that £8 across the amount of uses it will have over the year is peanuts in comparison. AND - I get money off if I use it at chains so theres that and of course, I am not causing more rubbish or plastic waste - win, win right?

Now, Ben and I have been using Gousto boxes (for you're first box with 60% off, use my code: SHERA9763946) for years so never really head to the shops to buy food anymore which makes it difficult to meal prep for work lunches - hence why I spend a small fortune each month on food in town. That being said - I have found a way to cut down my spending by heading to Aldi on a Sunday evening (when it's quiet!) and picking up some stuff to make my own quick, easy lunches in the mornings before I head out.

I'm also going to round anything I do spend up to the nearest 10 and put the rest straight into my savings - this will all add up each month on top of what I already put away. I also thought about checking my bank balance at the end of each day and transferring the 'spare change' too!

Refuse, Reuse, Recycle

I'm going to be a big stickler for this in 2019. Us humans are killing our planet and I hate it and it's the smallest things we can change to make a difference. It might not be massive but it's something and at least I'll know I'm doing my part to protect it.

I've put a tote bag in every handbag I own so I always have one with me - I will not be using plastic bags where it can be helped by a trusty reusable.

I plan on buying items that have fully recyclable packaging and where it doesn't I'll look for alternatives where I can.

I've switched from using aerosol deodorant to a roll-on because it's not only better for the planet but I've found it's better for me in the perspiration front too.

I'm also researching other small things I can do to help the planet this year - I'm going to write updates on how I'm getting on with this because I think the world needs to see it's totally fine and normal to say no to a bag or take your own tupperware to store your food in.

Dry January...

The festivities have caught up with me, I've eaten all the food and drank all the drink and I feel terrible. I want, no, NEED to detox for a while. Dry January seems the best way to create a habit - they say it take 28 days to form a habit right?

It's not just alcohol that I'm 'giving up' either - it's the chocolate, the sheer gluttony of binge eating because it's there, the 'once-a-week' takeaways that seem to be delivered more often.

I plan on drinking nothing but water and black coffee (decaf from midday!) and if I'm out-out I'll enjoy a diet/sugar free soda.

It sounds easy but I can't say no to pizza... I may update on this too - I definitely will at the end and how I found it etc so here goes...

The Obvious Ones

Of course there's the eat healthier, go to the gym and get fit (again [read above]), spend less time on social media, enjoy the moment, travel more etc - but these are things that will happen on and off and that's OK.

What are your new year's resolutions?

Sherry xo

"The beginning is the most important part of the work"


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