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5 designer handbags I'm lusting after

I'd love to have the selfridges handbag gallery as my own personal wardrobe - find me someone who wouldn't - but sadly I have bills to pay and my desire to travel the world makes parting with so much cash over a bag seem much more difficult.

I've owned a few *affordable* designer handbags over the years, namely a grey Michael Kors JetSet, a tan Mulberry Alexa, a watermelon Kate Spade Cedar Street and I'm currently in love with my black Vivienne Westwood Opio Saffiano Tote but I'm talking high-end designer in this post and the potential 'Congrats on making it to 30' gifts I might save up for and purchase myself.

Let's start with the most obvious - especially if you've recently checked out your instagram feed - every (wo)man and his dog seems to own a gucci belt but it's the double G on a bag that I have to stop myself from splashing out on every time I head to London.


The Arli medium shoulder bag has stolen my heart but won't be stealing my bank account details anytime soon retailing at £1,770. I'm unsure if the price was decided based on the decade as this beaut is bringing back all the 70s vibes. The iconic double G adorns the front lapel sitting on a black leather strap which adds a subtle sexiness to the suede, only to top it off perfectly for me by using a pink lining for the interior.

Whilst this bag isn't huge and hardly practical, I'm in love with the classic design that would compliment every outfit I put together with effortless ease.

Next up, a brand I've only recently gotten into. I know YSL has been around forever but I always found their styles a little bit garish for me. That being said, I recently purchased one of the SAINT LAURENT t-shirts to wear with leather-look trousers, white converse and my camel duster and the look is ridiculously cool - it seemed only fitting to add a 'matching' bag to the outfit and I stumbled upon this beauty.


Coming in slightly cheaper (and slightly larger!) is the Saint Laurent Medium Uptown Tote in glazed calfskin leather. At £1,620 though, it's still a little out of reach when there are holidays to be had. I'm in love with the almost dirty ivory colour way with the famous YSL initials decorating the front flap - which is actually a detachable clutch - perfect for use when having cocktails with the girls.

Now, onto a brand every girl will know whether its from seeing them on social media, owning a pair or being unable to resist the Christian Louboutin catwalk in Harrods - you can't escape the red bottom heels!

I've had a pair of Louboutins for about 4 years and worn them no more times than I can count on one hand - they are THE most uncomfortable shoes I've ever owned but - I'd sacrifice comfort over style if I could pair them with this stunning shoulder bag.

Christian Louboutin

We're being slightly easier on the credit card with this one (£1,445) - the RubyLou Medium. This bag has a slight edge to it with dual straps, one of them being a silver chain, meaning the bag will really do the talking when accompanying any outfit. Featuring the famous red bottom much like the shoes, it's a telltale sign you're carrying a Louboutin on your arm.


I had a really tough time choosing between two Chloe bags I'd found - dare I admit that I spent an obscene amount of time flicking between two tabs on my MacBook trying to decide - whilst I love the Small Tess bag in Burnt Brown, the Drew Shoulder bag in Plaid Red won me over. I love the texture given from the small grain lambskin leather and the effect of the suede within against the red.

It's a steal from my overall selection at just £1,190 coming in the cheapest of all four handbags and quite possibly, my favourite. The colour is stunning, I'm a sucker for a pop of red and the golden brass signature lock makes it super striking.

Ok, I've talked myself into it even more - I'm in love. This is the one.


Right, so this one isn't a handbag, it's a backpack but I'm thinking CPU here - I use a backpack daily to carry my laptop and lunch to work and on weekends when I'm out cycling or heading to the gym - so I'd get my money's worth out of this one. It's only £950 which works out £4.20 per use if I used it for work only - and thats not bad at all right? (she asks trying to justify spending near on a thousand pounds on a backpack).

The Medium Rucksack in Technical Nylon and Leather - catchy name guys - caught my eye with it's contrasting black body and brown leather trims. Apparently it's also showerproof which my laptop would thank me for. Plus, the amount of storage on this is unreal with three outer pockets and two inside on top of the main area. Win.

What is your dream designer handbag?

Sherry xo

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