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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Hello guys!

Long time no... er... read?!

I've had a couple of people ask me about baby shower gifts and what they can purchase for Baby C, which is very kind, but also gave me the idea to write a post as I had a few ideas that might help either yourself if you're currently pregnant and also have the question fifty times a week orrrr you're going to a baby shower and have no idea on the gift protocol side of things.

It's not so much a post of products per se BUT some tips and ideas for you to have a think about from specific genres (I don't think thats the right word but - baby brain!)

1. Something to go with the nursery theme

So, if you're going to the mama-to-be's baby shower, you probably know her relatively well - I for one wouldn't go to a complete strangers baby shower so I'd be worried if you were... Anyway, what I'm trying to say is you're probably enough close to them (or at least one of their friends) that you can find out what the theme of their nursery is.

Me personally, I'm going for a cloud/sky theme, mainly grey and white with pink accents but there is so much you could do with that. A cloud print blanket, a star shaped cusion, a moon shaped nightlight - the possibilities are endless as you can just search the theme online in most stores and there's bound to be something within your budget.

2. Pink? Blue? Neutral?

I'm welcoming ALL the pink as I'm having a baby girl, I'm welcoming other colours too but some mama's are against stereotypical colours so perhaps have a check. They might be keeping the gender a surprise for themselves (or just everyone else!) and this is where neutral colours become your best friend.

I say neutral but colours like mint and mustard are welcome in both gender wardrobes if you buy the right kind of item. This can go for blankets, swaddles, muslins and babygrows.

Books are also a great 'neutral' gift idea!

3. Gift vouchers

Seems an obvious choice but it actually isn't! I think *most* people opt for buying super cute little outfits and shoes but forget that babies are hella expensive! You could really help a mama out with one of her wishlist big ticket items with the help of a gift voucher. To give you an idea, the breast pump I'm looking at is £250, there's a prep machine I'm interested in for £150 and (before I very luckily won one) a SnuzPod which retails at £200!

In the UK, John Lewis and Mamas & Papas are great stores to get all kinds of things for a nursery from and would be a welcome gift. Even better when a few of you are pretty close and can club together!

4. Gifts for mummy

Don't forget about the pregnant lady who has gone without her favourite gin for 9 months or had to limit eating her favourite chocolate bar due to gestational diabetes.

Perhaps a massage or the ability to get her nails done at her favourite beauty salon would be such a nice change to the aches and pains pregnancy can bring.

Also, rememeber I said that babies were/are expensive - how about a gift voucher for her favourite shop she can treat herself to a new top to feel sassy AF in when she's in between sizes in her postpartum body and just wants something to make her feel good? Or a voucher for her favourite coffee shop (mines Starbucks BTW but pretty sure I won't be fussy when she arrives!) so that she can have a guilt, expense free wander with her little one and enjoy a good cuppa every now and again - £5 a coffee is a lot on SMP!

5. The stuff we forget to buy

Ok, ok, you got me. I also just want to buy ALLLLL the cute outfits and shoes and pretty pink things for my little princess so I have fallen into the trap too.

But, I need to start stocking up on things like wipes, nappies, sudocrem, baby shampoo, breast pads, baby toiletries etc that these would also be a welcome treat because... babies get through them FAST. (Seriously, how can something so small need so much?!)

To be honest, it doesn't even matter if you're as clueless as I am with nappy sizing because they will all get used at some point!

Also if you now mumma is planning to formula feed, find out which brand from her and get some of that as a gift because it's actually expensive and stockpiling that wouldn't be a bad thing - be sure to check the dates on it though!

6. Hobbies and Interests

Does the mother have any stand out hobbies and interests? For instance if she is a major foodie - she’s gonna wanna be preparing amazing meals for when she starts weaving baby and you can get so many amazing baby cook books, low cost appliances and super cute dinnerware sets for kids.

Maybe she is a massive Disney, Peter Rabbit or Marvel fan and they want to instil a bit of that into baby’s life too!

7. Let your own personality shine through

Remember, this post is just a bit of a guide to give you ideas. What mama really wants is your presence NOT your presents but if you do want to get one, you do you too!

I can imagine it’s so nice to see what people purchase as it has a hint of them in it too and how cute will it be when you’re using that particular gift and you’ll always be reminded of the person who bought it for you.

8. Product ideas

I wanted to end with a couple of products to help you out if you’re still stuck that have been provided as gifts for babies for years and have AMAZING re

A sleep aid like Ewan the Dream Sheep or a SnuzCloud - I have a SnuzCloud mainly because it matched my theme more than the sheep but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about these products!

A GroEgg (or similar in room thermometer) - super handy for mums-to-be and sometimes an overlooked item when preparing for the arrival of a little one!

Teething Toys - such as Sophie Le Giraffe, a Matchstick Monkey or a Nibbling Cube.


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