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Making a Change With MuscleFood

Okay, so I put on a bit of timber whilst enjoying our honeymoon but what do you expect from eating 3 meals a day in America where they serve portion size big enough for 3 people? Thing is, after relaxing in Miami for a week at the end of it, it's been a struggle to get motivated and get back into the shape I was in on the wedding day - the smallest I'd been since I was 21!

I've teamed up with MuscleFoodto take part in a week's worth of healthy eating and HIIT exercise to get my fitness mojo back a.k.a the Do The Unthinkable Food & Fitness Plan

The food arrived as promised on Tuesday - however, it missed the breakfast slot so I made my own porridge that day. It all arrived packed in 2 large boxes. Seriously, they were huge! By the time I'd unpacked and put everything away it was just about lunchtime so I had plenty to choose from. 

  • 7 x porridge pots from own branded MuscleFood and Fuel10K in a variety of different flavours. 

  • Several ready meals featuring spaghetti bolognese, vegetable burrito, pulled pork with beans and vegetables, [MOCK} chicken jeera, chicken pad thai, thai green curry rice pot, black bean chilli rice pot, teriyaki salmon stir-fry and much more.

  • Enough snacks to last me all year! This was my problem area - as someone that doesn't really snack anyway - having to now gorge on 3 x snacks per day seemed like so much food. The snacks I received were in the form of protein bars, beef jerky, Graze protein pots and marinated chicken skewers to name but a few. 

  • Along with all of this was a 90 day calendar which shows you when and how you should be exercising (using the Do The UnthinkableDVD) along with areas to mark your fitness test results and see how far you've progressed each week. You also get an amazing recipe book to cook some amazing, healthy meals at home too! 

I made my choice to have the Chicken and Black Bean Chilli ready meal. At just 318 calories with low fat and sugar content and a massive 40g of protein in this little pot, I was intrigued to see how it would both taste and fill me up for lunch.

It smelt good when I took it from the microwave, I'll admit it didn't look like much when I transferred it to a bowl but it was actually super tasty. The thing that surprised me the most is how generous the amount of meat contained inside was. By the end of the bowl, I was full - like really full and in fact, that fullness lasted for hours. I struggled to finish a whole protein bar between lunch and dinner. 

For dinner, I opted for one of the MuscleFood Pizzas - not gonna lie, I was so pleased to see that I could still eat pizza when on a healthy eating regime as it's my absolute favourite food. Whilst they are very thin and somewhat 'good-for-you' - I think I was expecting more from them to convert me away from a cheeky weekend takeaway. Still, healthy pizza is better than no pizza, right?! 

As the week went on, I found it easier to stomach ALL THAT FOOD and noticed I had a lot more energy and ability to workout harder and longer. I was more alert in the morning and didn't ever feel guilty about what and how much I was eating. 

Everything was nutritious and super tasty although my favourites have to be the oomph crunchy peanut porridge, the beef jerky as a snack and the [MOCK] Chicken Jeera with Aloo Peppers - what a dish. If I could have that as my main meal everyday - I'd be very happy. Although, these Triple Choc Cookie Protein Bars - heaven!

I found I had a lot more time for other things in the evenings as the meals are simply 'pop it in the microwave' and away you go. I really like the ease of grabbing something out of the fridge/freezer to take to work for lunch was a dream rather than having to prepare something or spend money elsewhere. I also really enjoyed the variety of snacks - they're a great way to break up the day and enjoy something super tasty without the guilt! 

The one thing I would have like though is some form of plan to follow - even just suggestions or ideas on best times to eat and what kind of snack to have between breakfast and lunch for example. 

OH. EM. GEE. are the exercises hard! I don't think I've sweat so much in my life! After doing the fitness test - I realised just how unfit I actually was. But that's what it's all about. Do(ing) the Unthinkable - I didn't think that I'd be able to improve my fitness or my figures in just a week's time - but - I did. 

The plan itself is super easy to follow (albeit hard to do!) and can be done in the comfort of you own home, in the gym or the great outdoors. 

The Do The Unthinkable community on their Facebook page is so motivational too. There's members giving hints & tips, talking about their food and how they got on in their workouts. Not forgetting to mention the challenges, competitions and comparisons. 

My advice - do the warm up TWICE the first time you do the fitness test! Click the arrow to see my before & after photo following the fitness test! 

Overall, I was really impressed with the plan. I definitely think you'd see great results over a longer term - especially when doing the Do The Unthinkable workouts. 

The plan would suit fitness fanatics, on-the-go individuals who lead very busy lives, those of us who aren't blessed with culinary skills in the kitchen and perhaps mums on maternity! The meals are quick and easy to prepare and keep you fuller for longer.

The workouts are again, quick and easy enough to do at home or take away to the gym with you. It's relatively inexpensive when you think about how much food you get and it's all good for you. Team that with a whole heap of exercise and you'll have a banging body, crazy confidence or lots of lean muscle - whatever you want - you can achieve it with Do The Unthinkable. 

I'll definitely be placing a repeat order for some of the snacks and that delicious [MOCK] Chicken Aloo! I'll be keeping up with the workouts during my 'rest days' (rest days don't really exist do they!?) between my Half Marathon training. 

Still unsure? Check out the Do The Unthinkable Facebook communityfor other real stories of members taking part on the plans available. 

Sherry xo

*I was offered a week of the Do The Unthinkable plan free of charge in exchange for an honest review on my blog. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own and the gifting has had no effect on my endorsement of this brand or product

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