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Finding out our baby's gender...

I know there is quite a big thing around keeping the gender of your unborn baby a surprise until labour day now but for me, it was something I wish I'd have been able to know from day one.

After our 12 week scan, I was googling all the theories out there and trying to guess what we might be having before our private scan we had booked with Window to the Womb when I was 16 weeks and 6 days pregnant.

Deep down I had a feeling I knew what the gender was - I guess mother's intuition has already kicked in for me because it turned out, I was right. Despite the odds going against our outcome, we were shocked with the news that we were in fact expecting a baby girl!

I'd booked the private scan at Window to the Womb in Bramcote, Nottingham after seeing all their amazing reviews online and knowing a number of people who also had their gender scans done there too.

The team were so lovely right from booking it to leaving the store after we'd had it done. We weren't expecting it to be so popular when we arrived but there were so many eager, expecting parents there waiting to find out what their little bundle of joy will be.

They had a range of gender reveal items such as balloons (which they sort out for you), confetti canons, heartbeat bears and nappy cakes for sale along with the ability to buy keepsakes of your scan experience in the form of keyrings and DVD's.

Our package was £59 in total - a £20 deposit upon booking and the remainder paid upon arrival. However, due to the delay (I'll explain why shortly) we were upgraded for free and able to take home a DVD, additional photos and four key rings for us to give to family as a keepsake of the newest member.

At Window to the Womb, they do everything they can to ensure you leave with an answer, this meant there was a slight delay when we arrived. However, the time passed quickly and we were in the scan room within no time.

The room was nicely decorated and the sonographer was so lovely, talking us through everything, giving us a sneak peek of our baby in 4D and asking us if we were ready to find out the gender before revealing 'It's a pink one!'. Whilst I had this feeling she was a girl, I was totally expecting for them to say boy! I cried because I was so excited to find out we were going to have a little princess.

Afterwards we were taken to a separate room to chose the photos we'd like to have printed and which ones we'd like to have on the key rings before being presented with them completed and our DVD - which I have watched several times already!

I'd highly recommend Window to the Womb if you're thinking about finding out the gender of your own baby.

She's going to have to have some sass though to put up will all the boys in the family and within our friend group!

"The beginning is the most important part of the work"


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