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How I Told My Husband I Was Pregnant

In the modern world, getting creative about the way you tell your spouse you're pregnant is a popular thing and me being super sentimental, I opted to do something meaningful to tell Ben about the baby. Despite Ben making a comment about the ClearBlue advert where they take the test and look at it together - I (stubbornly) did it my own way...

Throughout our entire relationship, Ben has always said we're like two peas in a pod. We've exchanged valentine's day cards depicting just that too. The first time I ever came to Nottingham to visit Ben over 7 years ago, we watched Toy Story 3 and I remember the little peas in a pod toy.

When Ben and I had 'the talk' I dreamt about the way I'd tell him and this is how exactly how it went...

On Friday 22nd March, I was only working a half day as Ben and I were going to see George Ezra in the evening so I popped out to get some lunch. Bear in mind that I'd already spent a fortune on tests for the 7 days prior to this thinking I'd missed my period but with no confirmation that I was pregnant - even the expensive ClearBlue Digital said Not Pregnant the day before!

Whilst I was out, I thought I'd get another test just in case and that if this one came back negative then it just wasn't our month.

I took the test at around 3pm in the afternoon, even though they tell you to do it with your first morning urine I couldn't wait knowing that Ben would be back at any moment and wanting to surprise him if it turned out I was in fact pregnant.

And there it was, those two blue lines I'd been longing to see for over a week. I WAS pregnant - I just knew it. I had a moment of shock and speechlessness with my hand over my mouth and just thinking OH. EM. GEE. It's actually happened.

I tried to call my friend Laura (@fromwifetolife) but she didn't answer the first time. Shortly after I got a message from here so I called again and she knew instantly from my shaky hello exactly what the call was about. She asked 'are you?' and I let out a squeak 'yeah!' before she got her soldier head on and told me what to do now because I just lost all brain capacity to think about anything other than the fact I just saw two lines.

Ben was due home ANY MINUTE so I had to act fast. Remember those Toy Story peas I mentioned earlier? Well, I ordered them when Ben and I agreed we'd start trying for a baby because I knew that I wanted our baby to be the third little pea in our pod.

I wrote a note to go along with it saying:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

In November 2019,

Our little pea will be due.

I placed the peas on top of a Haynes Manual for Babies along with the positive test and covered them all over with the note. I'd literally just finished balancing the note before I heard his car pull up.

I waited in the kitchen for Ben to come in and when he saw the stuff on the side, he just threw the note off and onto the side to see what was hiding underneath and said 'ahh, you got me some peas in a pod' before another glance down and asking 'what's that?'.

I passed him over the note for him to read and then it twigged (along with the standard 'are you joking?! question) and I can picture his face all over again. I'd never seen him smile like that before, it was totally different to the happiness on our wedding day.

A mental moment I'll remember forever.

"The beginning is the most important part of the work"


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