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How to declutter in three easy steps

With winter and the festive period looming just around the corner, now is as good a time as any to declutter in readiness for the New Year and of course Christmas.

If like me, you’re a little bit of a hoarder and keep things unessacerily, you may find you are constantly clearing clutter from your desk or pushing objects out of the way to get to another one. I want to take on a much more minimalistic approach to my belongings next year and remove unwanted and unneeded objects from my life. Here are my top three tips on how to achieve just that…

#1 – The Three Questions: Do you like it? Does it make you feel good? Did you forget it existed?

These questions can be used for anything from clothes and cosmetics to handbags, books and trinkets. If you like it move onto #2, if it makes you feel good move onto #2 if you forgot it even existed, repeat the first questions then either follow the below or move onto #2.

If you don’t like it or the item doesn’t make you feel good about yourself then you should remove it from your personal space. Not only is that good for decluttering, it’s also good for your mind set. Removing objects that don’t bring you joy can be an incredibly empowering thing and make you happier in your own space. Donating items to a local charity is also a very selfless way of increasing your own self-esteem. Whilst something may not bring you joy in your life, it can do so for others plus your helping to improve someone’s quality of life for every sale made so it’s a win-win!

#2: When was the last time you used it? When will be the next time you’ll use it? Do you need it?

There is no point keeping items ‘just in case’ especially if it’s an item you didn’t even realise you had. It’s not been good enough for you to use since you got it so it probably means it won’t make it to the front of the line now either.

When it comes to cosmetics, don’t forget they have a lifespan usually between 6 and 12 months so it’s worth trying to recall when you first/last used the item and whether it’s still in date or has a long enough use by date left to keep.

In terms of clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories, unless you have bought timeless pieces you may find your style has completely changed over the last 12 months and whilst you loved that bag at the time, you probably won’t use it again. There is no point it sitting in the back of the wardrobe just because it looks nice. Items like that deserve to be seen so if you won’t use it, someone else will. One mans trash is another mans treasure – donate it to a friend or to a charity or even hold a local swap shop event with your friends / family / blogging community. Not forgetting to mention, your shape and size can change over time too and even I’ve been guilty of keeping that size 6 dress in the back of the wardrobe for the day I fit back into it… it’s pointless and depresses me when I still don’t fit into it and what’s the point in that.

If you think you will use it within the next 3 months – make a note of it and repeat the process again. If you haven’t used it in that timeframe, you’re probably never going to so get rid.

#3 Organise your mess

If you really can’t part with items, use storage boxes. I find it difficult to part with clothing so I place mine into Perspex storage boxes based on seasons and rotate my wardrobe accordingly. Anything left in the box that I haven’t worn and hung up to wear again warrants going straight to charity.

The same goes for my makeup drawer. I tend to reach for the same makeup over and over again. As a blogger, I am lucky to be sent items for review so my makeup drawers are sometimes brimming with products that are used once and then never again simply because I don’t wear the stuff regular enough. It’s pointless a good product sitting in my drawer unused when someone else can feel the benefit of it; so I set myself monthly products to use up and again, whatever I don’t use, I give away.

My final (bonus) tip is also colour coordination. Everything looks a lot neater when the colours of the items compliment each other. I find any more than three bold colours makes something look untidy. I try to stick with muted tones mainly and add a strong colour to make it all pop and come together.

Were these tips helpful? How do you declutter?

Sherry xo

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