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Mi gusta the Gousto | Food Subscription Box

When I think back to when I first started having to adult, Jan 2014, I could master a select few dishes in the kitchen but more often than not, it was oven-cooked carbs followed by a sweet treat without fail. I didn’t have a good diet, barely achieved my 5-a-day quota and trailed the aisles of a supermarket on the regular. I didn’t think about calories or food waste for that matter. It was a simpler time but it wasn’t exactly a healthier one.

The past couple of years, Ben and I have been having weekly food boxes delivered by Gousto. A food subscription service delivering fresh, sustainable ingredients from local merchants all encased in recyclable packaging.

It gives you exact amounts of everything you’ll need to cook your chosen dishes off their weekly-updated menu, right down to the herbs, spices and pastes to make delicious meals from scratch. Who knew, in four short years I’d be whipping up a veloute in the kitchen and serving alongside something that was ‘topped’ with a ‘herby crust’. I'm literally living my Masterchef dream.

Growing up, I was privileged in the food department. My dad used to be a chef and he brought his culinary skills home with him. You remember at school when you used to get asked what you had for tea? The common answer was normally something with smiley faces. Mine however, something along the lines of salmon wellington with dauphinoise potatoes. Well, perhaps not that luxe but you get the idea. I grew up with good, homemade dinners and I’m very grateful for that. I guess, when Ben and I moved into our home, I took for granted how 1) hard it was to cook proper meals for more than yourself and 2) expensive it was for a food shop.

I don’t recall the moment I discovered Gousto but since that day, I’ve not looked back. Every day, I can transport myself to a new part of the world, discover new flavours and textures and the best part of all – I’ve created it myself. I enjoy being in the kitchen and cooking up the choices I’ve made. I love how I can recycle everything, right down to the box it all comes in. I am happy that I no longer have food waste and, more often than not, monetary waste. Plus, having this delivered and avoiding the shops, means I also avoid the aisles of doom – you know, the ones with all the chocolate.

I log into my account weekly, on a Wednesday when the new menu options drop, and pick my favourite four. On average we spend £37.99 for four meals for the two of us which is less than £5 per head per meal and is of restaurant quality - and healthy! Sometimes though, they have special options or fine dining options for an additional cost anywhere from £2.99 - £7.99 and they are amazing and great value for money.

Something else Gousto has given me, aside from enjoyment in the kitchen, a better diet, a better conscience and a fuller wallet, is healthy recipes I can cook time and time again. They're little recipe cards are often reused because the dishes are that delicious and easy to make - I don't feel guilty eating burgers anymore and who'd thought Fish Katsu was better than Chicken Katsu?!

All hail the Gousto and long may you reign in my kitchen.


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