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My First Trimester Symptoms

Now that I am fully past getting through the first trimester, I have a clearer view of the symptoms of pregnancy that I experienced during those three months.

Some of the below have followed me into my second trimester but definitely not as bad! After reading a number of forums and blogs to find out if what was going on was normal, I believe that my symptoms are totally normal and can happen to anyone, meanwhile there are lucky mums-to-be out there who don't experience some, if not all, of these!


I suffered with quite bad backaches during the first 6 weeks of my pregnancy. It was nothing a walk couldn't cure but they were practically everyday. It's quite common as your body begins to store more fat and expand to cater for your imminent bump - and to be honest it left as quickly as it came.

Frequent Urination:

Oh. Em. Gee. So, those who know me know I'm essentially a camel in a human's body. I can normally get through a day having been to the toilet three times at most and never had to get up during the night to go either. Bring pregnancy into the mix and it's pretty much every hour on the dot and at least twice in the night now too.

This was one of the first indicators for me when I thought something was going on, considering I don't need to use the toilet all that often, going from three times a day to at least 10 was an eyebrow raiser.


The tiredness is real. Like, it's a whole other level of tiredness you feel and it hits you... hard! I can be feeling fine then all of a sudden, I am totally drained and in dire need of a nap - yep, a nap! Something I've never done (unless hungover) is take a nap but those first three months mad naps necessary.

Getting up in the morning was a bit of a battle too - I could have slept for days on end. Most days I just felt exhausted and I'd be in bed and asleep at 8:30pm.


One way I know this baby is definitely mine is it's love for food. I mean, I was awake eating grapes at 2:30am once because the hunger pangs woke me up. Most mornings I had to eat a piece of fruit or some rich tea biscuits before I could even think let alone function. I've never really been a breakfast eater but now, if I don't eat something when I wake up, I feel totally empty.

Food habits throughout pregnancy are weird though. I loved blueberries with yoghurt and honey the first week after I found out. The thought of blueberries now turns my stomache a little.

Then I was on to eating Pink Lady apples until one day that was making me nauseous eating one.

At least it's fruit and not krispy kremes, I can do without getting fatter than this baby is already making me!

'Morning' Sickness:

Well this hit me like a tonne of bricks the day I turned six weeks. It was mainly dry retching as soon as I woke up until I had a full day of feeling terrible and had no energy whatsoever.

I felt totally blank which wasn't very nice at all. There were a few more days I experienced that but I can vouch for the fact it isn't always in the morning.

I've been lucky to not have experienced major sickness though. I must have only been physically sick a handful of times but still, having to spend half your morning lurching over the toilet bowl feeling like you're going to be is not the one.


I stopped fitting in my normal size 6/8 jeans by week seven because the 'baby bloat' was real.

I remember Ben and I going out for Thai food and I had to undo my jeans - all the way - because they were just so tight and uncomfortable. Thankfully I had a long shirt and a long coat to wear so I could get away with it!

Your digestive system slows down and takes a lot longer to process your food, so by the end of the day I'd look and feel massive already - preparation for what's to come I guess.

I think it was around week 12 or week 13 that the bloat was definitely the beginning of a bump - which was great timing because we were then able to announce it and I could stop hiding the fact I was already looking 4 months pregnant some days!

Sore/tender breasts:

For me, this was by far the worst symptom I experienced. I wouldn't say I'd been blessed in the boob department and after I came off contraception, they only got smaller (sad times) but this would explain why what I did have hurt so much.

They ballooned pretty quickly in the first trimester and ached that much I used to dread taking my bra off at the end of the day. I'd sometimes have to sleep resting on a cushion to soften the pain somewhat whilst I slept.

Thankfully the major pain has subsided but some days, it comes back with a vengeance and I'm just glad I don't have to put up with it everyday anymore. Although, they are getting in the way now and I find I have to get new bras on the weekly...

Are you in your first trimester or just coming out of it? What symptoms have you experienced?


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