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My Top Ten Tracks | Running Playlist

Aside from my top three that I shared in my 'How I Ran A Half Marathon' post - I thought I'd share some of my top tracks I compiled into my own personal playlist to listen to while running.

Some of these songs really helped me to build momentum during my runs so hopefully, they can do the same for you too - plus there's some pretty good songs in here anyway:

Drake - Nice For What

This is probably the only Drake song chirpy enough to add to a running playlist to be honest. It's a very positive sounding songs and gives you the go faster vibes.

MNEK - Paradise Tunji Ige Remix

A song I never even knew existed but I'm so glad I found. I quite like this one coming on towards the end of my run, it gave me a good pace to slow down to and catch my breath before something upbeat came on ready for the homestretch.

Chace - For A Day

I was introduced to Chace a few years ago by a colleague at work and found their electro beats providing the perfect foot tapping rhythm when out running. I have no idea if their songs make any sense whatsoever but simple enough melodies to hum along to and the drops speed you up.

Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive

If I could have a soundtrack for my life, this would be it, on loop. I absolutely love this song anyway as it makes me feel super sassy. It's one of my favourites and easy enough to listen to and sing along keeping your focus on the music rather than the torture you're putting yourself through...

CamelPhat - Cola

This was my most played song in 2018. Enough said.

The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

An absolute banger and one that always makes me smile. It's mine and my sister's song that I always (force her to) dance to. It makes me think of all the times we've been out, can-canning to this rather than remembering that I can't breathe.

Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven

An oldie but a goodie. Who doesn't love a bit of Bruno Mars and this song has some sexy vibes and I don't know about you, but it makes me wanna move a little bit more.

Sub Focus - Don't You Feel It Salute Remix

Sub Focus are one of my favourites - I've loved them for a good 14 years so it wouldn't be a Sherry Scribbles playlist without a Sub Focus track in there. Plus the beats are awesome and give you a good rhythm to keep in time to.

SAINT WKND - Survive Sonny Fedora Remix

You might be familiar with the original version of Survive, it's a lot slower and normally blaring out from River Island or TopShop - which is where I first heard it, liked the lyrics and then found the even better remix. Its got a great beat to keep your momentum going.

Too Many Zooz & KDA - Warriors

Another track I played on repeat quite often. It wasn't a very lucky song for me but I loved it all the same. My phone would always seem to die after this song was played - I remember being out for 10 miles and it died at 7. That was the longest 3 miles ever after that.

My cringe-worthy bonus track:

Nicky Jam - Live It Up

This was the official World Cup song and I don't know how I even found it but I had it on repeat towards the end of my run because I found it just had me wanting to keep going. It's really cringy - obvs, those kinds of songs always are - but seriously useful in the playlist for some motivation!

What are your top workout tracks?

Sherry xo

"The beginning is the most important part of the work"


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