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#MakeItPersonal with Links of London

There’s something about receiving an item with your name on it that makes you feel special.

I think more so in my case as I could never find my name on those novelty items at the beach - and even when I did, it was the wrong spelling. 

I’d accepted the fact that I was never going to own a tacky rubber keyring in the shape of a palm tree with ‘Sheradan’ embedded into it in Comic Sans font but that didn’t mean I’d given up hope on the whole personalised pieces in general.

I’m a sucker for something sentimental and made every effort on our wedding day to create personalised gifts for our wedding party as a lasting memory of how special they helped make the day.

However, I totally forgot about myself.

Whilst I know I have a new surname which will stay with me forever, and the photos lining the walls of our home, I liked the idea of having something personal, to serve as a daily reminder of the best day of my life.

There’s no tacky keyring on earth that could do that so in came the help of  Links of London.

Offering fine sterling silver, gold and rose gold jewellery to suit all ages and requirements - be that a necklace, a bracelet or a beautiful ring, there is something for everyone for all occasions at  Links of London.

What’s better is you can really make it your own too with their free engraving service. This is how I now own my stunning silver baby disc bracelet made unique to me with mine and my husband’s initials linked with a heart on one side and the date of our wedding on the other.

Never has having a personalised item been so quick, easy and simple to achieve.

By selecting the engrave tab on their website, it brings up all of the gorgeous items available to #MakeItPersonal.

You then pick the one you’d like from the range, click on the ‘engrave me’ button and await the options within a popup. From here you can choose whether you’d like to write a message, add your initials or place some cute icons on your chosen piece instead.

With a range of different font options and sizes too, there are so many possibilities to create something special every time.

The jewellery itself is also super high quality and there are no snags where the engraved text is and it doesn't take long to arrive either.

It’s super smooth and super shiny and whilst being a bit more expensive than your typical high street store, well worth the extra for a show stopping, personal to you piece that will last for a lifetime and give you a smile a day when you catch a glimpse of it.

The item I chose to have engraved is the silver baby disc charm bracelet which retails at £95.

With three large  Links of London  branded links allowing you to adjust to your desired length and a chunkier style, it’s a bolder choice than a dainty delight for a small wrist but I absolutely love it.

I was a little worried they may dig in a little but it sits comfortably atop the skin, shining in the sun.

What I like most about it is that there is space to add additional charms onto it. I’ve never really been a lover of charm bracelets but knowing I can add simple, beautiful memories and wear them with me each day makes me want to join in.

It’s my nieces first birthday coming up soon and I’d love to get a charm for my bracelet with her name and birth details on as a keepsake of when she came into the world and stole our hearts – and also get her one too. Likewise when I have my own children, I could add initials and have them engraved with their birthdays – the possibilities are endless and the fact that no one will ever have the same makes it even better.

*This post is a sponsored collaboration with Links of London. All photos and opinions are my own. The item within this post was also gifted to me.

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