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Things To Do Before I Turn 30

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

I've read a fair few of these posts and think they are great - I'd like to use it as both a reminder and a tick list of things to do over the next 2.5 years (wow, is that all?!) so here goes, my things to do before I turn 30...

1. Visit Italy^

I can't believe in my 27 years on earth I've still not been. It's always been at the top of my list but other places just got in the way! I think the problem I have is that I want to see it all. I want to visit every nook Italy has to offer me. I want to eat all the pizza and drink all the wine. I want to walk down the cobbled roads, take a gondola through venice, take the touristy photo pushing Pisa back straight and revel in the regality of the Duomo in Florence.

2. Run a full marathon

In September of this year, I ran my first ever Half Marathon. A little bit of a back story - I signed up to this after coming back to work after the wedding and honeymoon and feeling like I needed something to focus on - despite the fact I hated running. A couple of years prior, I took part in the Tough Mudder Half and following a facial injury, hated it even more and that was the furthest I'd ever ran - around 8 miles sporadically. Fast forward and with many supporters and charitable donations under my belt, I went for it and ran my first half in 1hr 57mins and I was so proud.

I'd love to compIete a full marathon by the time I turn 30 - itsso difficult to get a place in a bllot though so even if it means I have to run that distance IN MY OWN TIME, I will, just to say that (technically) I have ran a marathon!

3. Go to London Fashion Week^

Over the past few years, I've really started enjoying fashion a lot more and experimenting with my own style, putting looks together and found an interest in fabrics, styles and how things are made and why things are considered a trend. I've always loved clothes and find it difficult to this day to part with some pieces that are about 7 years old (thankful for the half-marathon weight loss allowing me to re-fit into them!). It would be a dream come true to have a seat at London Fashion Week and seeing the impeccable craftsmanship on show in real life - maybe even meet a cheeky designer or two.

4. Buy some stocks

So, I have no idea what I'm doing and me and numbers are not friends but, the hustle and bustle, the rise and fall, and the sheer risk of losing it all has a bit of a thrill and excitement to it doesn't it? I recently signed up for a Hargreaves Landsdowne account to do it for me.

I'm interested to see where my money will be invested and what will happen between now and the time I turn 30.

5. Do something daring^

Hmm, maybe not a skydive - maybe a skydive? I don't know. Something to that calibre though. I'd sooner swim with sharks that jump out of a plane! I've Bungee jumped before and whilst absolutely terrifying on the way up to the top and realising how high you are, the adrenaline rush was amazing after landing!

6. Read 10 books

I'm not much a reader really, although I'd like to be. I've had bad experiences with books. Recently with Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine - well, she might have been but I certainly wasn't at the end of it. I've never known a book to make me angry before! I think reading 10 books between now and June 1st 2021 is attainable... just need to find the right ones!

7. Buy THAT bag

Ok, so not my beloved Kate Spade as I already own her, I'm talking about a real pricey one - like a Gucci or a YSL - I've not yet made my decision BUT it needs to be the right one if I'm gonna whack £2K on a handbag.

8. Go to Heston Blumenthal's restaurant

It's not a want, it's a NEED to go to Fat Duck - perhaps this could be my 30th birthday present *hint hint Mr C* - I need to experience his culinary mastermind on a plate!

P.S, that dish of food is from when I visited Celeste at The Lanesborough - AMAZING!

9. See a live show in London

I recently attended the Alexandra Theatre to watch Dirty Dancing and had such a great time (I've still not watched the film but I'll get to it - promise). I'd love to see a live show in London - Aladdin maybe? Or The Lion King? Any recommendations, leave me a comment!

10. Get a new qualification

Because clearly the studies at work aren't enough - I signed up to get a Fashion Marketing Diploma. It will take me 18 months to complete but after reading through the first module, I'm fascinated already and fashion being a huge interest of mine - I can't see it feeling too much like work and school so thats good :)

11. Have a family

How adorable is my Niece?! She turned 1 recently and that year has just flown by. I'd love to have my own children and begin our own little family with a Baby C tootling round.

12. Go to a 'proper' football match*

*I mean to see an english football team.

I've already seen the best team in the world play, in their home town, in a derby game with a 5-1 win and a legendary goal from the main man Messi himself. But - I would like to see a Premier League team game.

13. Volunteer^

I think I'll volunteer to Marshall at a race or something - I bet volunteering at a festival is pretty cool too though. I used to volunteer at a local charity shop on Saturday's when I was younger and had such a lovely time getting to know the elderly folk that also worked there. They had some wonderful stories! Whatever I can do to help someone, that's worth its weight in gold.

14. Learn a second language

This photo does have relevance - I'm in Barcelona here - whilst they speak Catalan, I'd love to continue to learn the Spanish language. I started earlier this year but the next course didn't run due to not enough interest - boo! So I think next year I'm going to look for an alternative and build it back up again. I was actually really good at it so the tutor told me!

15. Pay it forward

Even something as simple as buying the next person in line's coffee - I want to do something to make someone else smile that day in the hope they will pass it on too.

Small things make the biggest difference.

What do you want to do before your next big milestone?

Sherry xo

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