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Why I Quit Blogging, and Why I Came Back.

OK, so quit isn't the right word. I took a break from the blogosphere because it all got a little bit 'same'.

I was bored.

I was fed up of seeing the same things, competing to get seen, waiting for my big break.

I was tired of trying to write for others and never for myself.

I felt a pressure to have the right aesthetic to get noticed, because everyone's clutching at straws lately to be visible on the gram.

I got sick of scrolling through social media channels and seeing nothing but negativity and mundane moaning about minute things. An example, a sweatshirt designed by Sweaty Betty simply saying 'No Ache, No Cake', sent Twitter into a meltdown. I couldn't deal with it.

I'd bitten my tongue hard enough that I just needed to sit back. Assess. Think about what I really want to do, what I want to achieve and how I can really make a stand with my space I've created.

So I did. And I had an epiphany for my blog/website/journal - whatever you want to call it. And this is it. Sherry Scribbles, Sherry Styles and Sherry Stays. A culmination of my favourite things. Life, fashion and travel.

It's going to more raw and honest. It's going to more, well, Sherry.

I hope you stick around, subscribe and enjoy the content.

Sherry xo

"The beginning is the most important part of the work"


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